Brake Stop Light Switch

What is a Brake Light Switch

The brake light switch, also known as the stoplight switches or brake pedal switches, is a component in the vehicle's braking system that is located near the brake pedal. The car brake light switch is usually actuated by the brake pedal or hydraulic pressure in the braking system. When the driver applies the brakes, the switch sends a signal to the brake lights to turn on, alerting other drivers behind the vehicle that the vehicle is slowing or stopping. The stoplight switch is an important safety feature that helps prevent rear-end collisions and other accidents.

Brake Light Switch Principle

The brake light switch is a simple electric switch and a crucial component in a vehicle's lighting system. When the brake pedal is pressed, the switch completes the circuit, allowing electricity to flow to the brake lights and illuminating them.

What are The Differences Between OEMs and Aftermarket Brake Light Switch Manufacturers?

Aftermarket Brake Stoplight Switches vs. OEMs Stoplight Switches

Different Aftermarket Brake Stop Light Switches OEMs Stoplight Switches
Definition Aftermarket stoplight switches are not produced by the original vehicle manufacturer but are made by third-party companies. They may offer a wider range of products and may also provide cheaper alternatives to OE parts. OE stoplight switches are made to produce parts for vehicles as per the specifications provided by the vehicle's manufacturer.
Quality Varies depending on manufacturer. Meets vehicle manufacturer's standards.
Price More affordable. More expensive.
Compatibility May have compatibility issues. Designed specifically for the vehicle.
Warranty May not come with warranty. May come with a warranty.

Taiwan Aftermarket Brake Light Switch Manufacturers

Hung Yii is an auto parts manufacturing company in Taiwan. In addition to providing standard stoplight switches, we also provide custom manufacturing of car brake light switches, and tailor-made the design and production of parts to suit a specific make or model of vehicle.

In terms of quality, we follow the ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 systems to ensure that products undergo strict quality inspections at every stage of production and provide a one-year warranty service to provide customers with the best quality and guaranteed products!

As a professional and aftermarket brake light switch manufacturer, our stoplight is an alternative Standard Motor Products, Wells, etc brand, if you need to buy brake lights in bulk, welcome to contact us!